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Melange Solid Perfume Singles .56 ounces $18
Melange Solid Perfume Singles .56 ounces $18-Solid perfume, amber, plum, vanilla, cedar, japanese tea rose, sakura blossom, neroli, orange, musk,patchouli,fig, pear, gardenia, frangipani, ginger, honeysuckle, melati jasmine, mimosa, plum blossom, tobacco, tea
Melange Solid Perfume Singles .56 ounces $18

Melange- French. To mix or blend.

Melange Solid Perfume Singles contain our most popular fragrance blends artfully formulated in our signature base of natural Beeswax and Jojoba Oil.  The result is a perfectly formed solid perfume that glides onto the skin and disperses the fragrance beautifully. At .56 ounces, they are double the size of our previous solid perfumes and perfect for a handbag or travel because when you love your fragrance it should go everywhere with you!

All Melange Perfumes are artisanally prepared note-by-note in small quantities, then hand-poured in our studio so they reach you perfectly fragrant.  They are designed to be worn alone or layered with other Melange Solid Perfume Singles to create a unique fragrance blend. Choose from:



Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine: NEW!  Pure essential oils of Pink Grapefruit and Indonesian Melati Jasmine with a touch of Orange Blossom.  Gorgeous and fresh.

Cedar, Musk & Patchouli: Pure essential oils of Cedar and Patchouli Leaf, balanced with Ambrette Seed Oil, the natural musk note of the Musk Mallow and Italian Bergamot.

Fig & Anjou Pear: A delightful take on a Fig perfume inspired by a fresh Mission Fig and enlivened with lush Anjou Pear.

Gardenia: Vibrant Gardenia infused with a hint of rich Sugandaraja Tuberose and Ylang Ylang essential oil.  

Melati Jasmine: As seen in Real Simple Magazine, our favorite natural Indonesian Jasmine. A perfect single note Jasmine, rich and exotic.

Mimosa Blossom & Citron: A gorgeous green floral blend of Mimosa flowers, the sweet blossom of the Acacia tree, accentuated with top notes of fresh Italian Bergamot and Citron, inspired by a visit to the Laguna coast in early spring.  

Neroli Blossom & Orange: Who can resist the lure of the Neroli blossom in bloom each spring? This stunning perfume celebrates the irresistible Neroli flower perfectly balanced with Blood Orange Essential Oil.

Plum Blossom & Tobacco: Notes of lush, winter blooming Ume Plum blossoms with base notes of fragrant Tobacco Leaf, Black Tea and Casis Noir.

Tobacco & Tea Noir: Our popular aromatic Tobacco Leaf infused with notes of rich Black Tea and gorgeous Indian Vetyver.

Japanese Tea Rose: Japanese Tea Rose, a light rose with fresh green undertones, interlaced with a touch of Sakura Blossom, also known as Cherry Blossom. A perfect melange of floral and fruit accords.  

Amber, Plum & Vanilla: Opulent Amber paired with notes of rich Vanilla Orchid and fragrant winter blooming Ume Plum Blossom. 

Ginger & Honeysuckle: Aromatic night-blooming Japanese Honeysuckle adorned with Indian Ginger. Available May-August.

Frangipani & Amber: Seductive Frangipani adorned with Amber Notes. A perfect summer tropical melange.  Available May-August.


Solid Perfume Singles:

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